lizard King (2020)

Work in progress

Environment Render

Environment Render

Lizards have evolved to be the top of the food chain. The Lizard King, a remnant of the ancient monarchical system, now rules a utopian society of lizards where life is peaceful--almost too perfect. At night, the Lizard King channels his inner desire for chaos through transforming into his internal, natural enemy: the snake. However, soon these transformations have grown out of his control, and risk the entire structure of the lizard society.

Based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. 


Themes: Duality of human nature, duality of character, banishing evil to the unconscious mind

Initial Ideas

Day Environment

Sunset Environment

Night Environment

Vertical Slice of Natural Environment

Neighborhood Environment

Inside House

After War & Calamity

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