the graveyard (2020)

Work in progress

Cemetery - Night

The Graveyard - Night

Cemetery - Day

Cemetery - Sunset

Larson is a quiet, weathered man from Sanderhill, a small town in the northeast United States. By day, he works as a janitor at a local high school, but at night he solely tends to the haunted town cemetery. He explores the secrets of the cemetery, and those buried there by wandering through their past lives and discovering what led to their ultimate death. He's able to uncover the lives of Sanderhill townspeople from centuries before, and learn of the deep-rooted mysteries of Sanderhill.

Environment Value Studies

Graveyard Concept Art Value Study
Line art graveyard
Graveyard Value Study.jpg

Cemetery - Different Angle

Graveyard Environment

Cemetery Props

Graveyard Props

Larson character Exploration

Explorative Character Silhouettes

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