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Earl “The Chef”

Earl is a human in the world of monsters. He is a talented, critically acclaimed chef among the monster world, yet his human identity is unknown to the restaurant’s patrons.

Personality: Perfectionist, tough, easily aggravated, only soft spot is for food

Everyday Place: Inside the kitchen of his restaurant, “Ashtooth”

Deepest Desire: To be loved and accepted within the monster world for his food, regardless of him being a human

Greatest Fear: Being found out that he is a human and potentially losing his restaurant/ability to be chef

Ive “The Picky Eater”

Ive is a straight-laced, serious zombie, known in the monster world for being incredibly picky and critical. His stature and judgment make him intimidating to everyone around him.

Personality: Devoid of any true emotion, snappy/rude, picky

Everyday Place: Restaurants/dining rooms where he can be critical of the food

Deepest Desire: To taste something that will make him feel less dead inside

Greatest Fear: That he will have to accept that nothing can make him feel less dead than he already is.

Bonus characters: The waiters- no thoughts in their brains, just little minions

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